Dual forms (100Pcs)

  • $6.99
  • $10.99
Product info: 
  • Made of healthy and friendly ABS material for polygel DIY at home or at a professional salon. Precise, reusable, and long lasting. Ultra-thin, perfect choice for any size nails.
  • 10 different sizes in each grid, totaling 100pcs, each nail form has a number assigned. Length scale helps you design the length of nails you want.
  • The nail forms pop easily out by pressing so you can reuse them instead of using disposable fake nails. This helps create a protective layer, strengthen natural nails or false nails, promoting longer and stronger nails.
  • No glue needed, just brush the Poly gel/acrylic/UV gel into the forms and then place on the natural nail, hold on for a few seconds and cure with our UV/LED lamp. Eliminates literally hours of filing and shaping and smoothing, easy to use and to pull away easily from the dried polygel nails, leaving it very shiny.
  • The full cover fake nail molds comes with practical application, perfect for painting clear nails and French nail tips. Wonderful gift for friends or yourself.